• Interview with Clark Whittington of Art-O-Mat

    Since 2019, the store has hosted an Art-O-Mat Machine in the rear lobby. Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been c...
  • Old School Mill Interview

    1) How long have you all been in business? Old School Mill, Inc. was established in 1992 by David (1955-2010) and Robin Hinson. David bought an ant...
  • Mountain Branch Creamery

    Learn more about our local organic milk and cheeses coming from Mountain Branch Creamery and Shenandoah Valley Family Farms. They're based outside of Dayton Virginia in the pastoral Shenandoah Valley with their grass-fed A2A2 cows.
  • Wadel's Farm Wagon

    When we opened in 2018, we've always been working with the Wadel Family to stock our shelves with unique local Virginia products. We caught up with...
  • Interview: Bridget Meagher of Catbird

    How long have you been making the Catbird line? 2 ½ years. What got you interested in making these products? As you probably know by now Jon, I’...
  • Interview: John Reburn of Appalachia Press

    I heard you met Madonna?
    may have dated a couple of interesting folks too. But you asked about Madonna so I will tell you about that.