Who's Jon?

Jon Henry & Family

Jon Henry grew up in the mountains of Rappahannock County, VA. His paternal family has lived in the Shenandoah Valley for the past five generations, mainly as farmers. His maternal family is spread throughout Virginia's Piedmont as farmers, truckers, and trades folks. The General Store builds upon his family's past-time of produce peddling along Rt 11. Now, Jon as the proprietor of a 'brick & mortar' location extends beyond seasonal produce.

The family collectively farms under the name Jumpin Run Farm. ​Jon co-manages the family's other farm store in Warrenton, Virginia. That shop carries just seasonal produce and essential dry goods, no silly socks.

Henry has completed master degrees in Art from NYU & JMU; he brings a critical eye to layout, detail, and quality to the store's operations.

When not working in the store, Jon can usually be found wandering around Farmer Markets, Museum Galleries, or along the Massanutten trail. He still continues to moonlight as an artist and curator. The store and him were recently fellows in the People's WPA Program with the US Department of Arts & Culture.