Food Stuffs

We center local farmers, makers, and artisans when stocking our shelves and coolers. As of 2021, we work with over 50 of our regions farmers.

We focus on carrying local produce throughout the growing season. Due to seasonal availability and the wide array of farm sizes, our selection of seasonal produce is always in flux. We concentrate on always keeping essentials like Tomatoes, Peaches, Apples, Potatoes, and Squash stocked in our produce room.

Jumpin Run Farm, Jon Henry's Family Farm, is a main provider of summer and fall produce. Otherwise we work with many of our region's finest farmers to source nutritiously delicious veggies and fruit. Some of our farmers are low tech Horse & Buggy Amish and others are high-tech hydroponic farmers.

Besides fresh produce, we carry and array of Dairy items from some of Virginia most famous creameries like Homestead Creamery. We offer Organic and Glass or Plastic Bottled Milk products. Along with milk, we carry local and regional cheese, butters, and of course Ice Cream!

We stock a plethora of grains, flours, and baking ingredients throughout the store. We have twice weekly deliveries from local bakeries of breads, muffins, pies and other sweets. We focus on carry a variety of gluten-free baking ingredients.

We carry a variety of meats from Jumpin Run Farm and other local abattoirs. Be sure to call ahead to ensure stocking of meats due to limited supply of all cuts. We typically always have sausage, hamburger, and hot dogs in-stocks. Additionally, we carry local brown chicken eggs. Due to customer demand, we began to carry plant based protein products like Stimulate Chicken Nuggets, NoBull Veggie Burgers, and other plant based foods.

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