Virginia Fresh Match

  Virginia Fresh Match
We are proud to be one of a handful of stores in the Commonwealth to offer Fresh Match Incentives to our EBT, P-EBT & SNAP cardholding clients. Folks purchasing fresh produce, plants, and frozen vegetables receive a 50% Discount on their purchase with their EBT or SNAP Benefits Card.
How it Works:
Get more fruits and vegetables when you spend your SNAP dollars: It’s easy! For example, fill your cart with $10 worth of produce and we'll just charge $5 to your EBT card. There are no caps applied to purchases so you can stock up throughout the month with fresh food.
Starting in 2022, Fresh Match Discount now applies to Frozen Fruit, Vegetables, and Produce. Starting 2023, Fresh Match Discount applies to any food producing seeds or plants.

The discount does not apply to frozen meals.
Food Boxes:
We are one of the few CSAs in the region to offer EBT sales to our customers. Our bi-weekly produce box program regularly costs $20 but with an EBT Card it's just $10 a week for fresh and local produce.
Still have questions? 
Stop by the store and ask a staff member for more information!