Wadel's Farm Wagon

When we opened in 2018, we've always been working with the Wadel Family to stock our shelves with unique local Virginia products. We caught up with Dean to chat more about his work and their line of canned goods.

How long have you been in the Valley?
6 years

Virginia Fresh Eggs

So you have farming experience?
Yes, since the day I was born. Or perhaps more accurately, since I was old enough to feed the calves!

I understand it's a family operation. How big is your family?
6 children keep us busy - they can begin to be a help! Also have a few hired hands to keep things moving forward.

What made you want to come out with this unique line of canned food?
We were looking for something to give folks the desire to try something new.
Box of Scratch Pasta
I am personally a fan of your Farm Style Pasta Sauce.
What inspired that line? Any good pairing ideas? (suggestion of a favorite scratch pasta?)

This was introduced in 2020 was very little quality VA pasta sauce. Scratch Pasta does an incredible job with their pastas, and many folks were asking for a pasta sauce to go with it. The Semolina Pappardelle pasta from Scratch and the Wadel's Farmstyle Pasta (No tomato paste, just actual tomato chunks) sauce is a great pairing.

I noticed some No Sugar Added items are now on your lists? We carry the NSA Apple Butter. Are they popular?
Yes, the NSA apple butter and NSA Applesauce have seen steady growth And they are good tasting, as well!

Wadel Pasta Sauce in Glass Jars

When you can catch a break from work, what hobbies do you have?
We enjoy the simple things - nature activities, travels, even remodeling our old bank barn.

Any plans for 2021?
Our goal for 2021 is to build the relationships from the our 2020 customers, that frequently got overlooked in the pandemic pressure.