Mountain Branch Creamery

mountain branch creamery
Shenandoah valley family farms organic
We catch up with the Beery Family to learn more about their overall operation. We've been carrying their cheeses since we first opened in 2018 but only recently added their new milk production line in 2020. Wayne and Annie Beery manage the farm from the cow to cartoon!
How long have ya'll been milk?
Still a new venture - Sept. 2020

How many cows?
45 cows

Besides bottling milk, what else do you all do on the farm?
Also produce cheese, raise a few calves and hogs, and rotate the cows on fresh pasture twice a day in the summer

So cheese before milk? What got you interested in cheese?
Always was a hobby Wayne had enjoyed for years, and played around with in small homemade batches

It seems like a family run farm? How large is your family?
8 children 

So when not working, milking or making cheese, what do you all do in your down times?
This keeps [us all] Busy!!