jon holding a basket of meat like eggs, burger, bacon, and sausage

Protein Box

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We carry a variety of protein sources in our coolers and freezers from local brown eggs to local small batch Veggie Burgers. Based upon our Dairy Box program, we will be curating a selection of protein treats every week.  You can expect every box to contain some eggs, bacon, and other meats like burger, sausage, vegan nuggs, etc

Engaging in our Protein Box program for the long haul is a great opportunity to sample a variety of different egg colors, meats, and other unique protein sources while helping out small time producers.

If you'd like to pay with CASH or EBT, then please click here.

The box is ONLY available via pre-orders and pick-up, no shipping.
Please order about 24 HRs before pickup date.

Pick-up begins after 9:30 am outside our Tin Shed for contactless transfer.

Please note these products will require refrigeration or freezer space after pick-up, so plan accordingly.