Produce Box

Jon Henry General Store is pleased to start a new trial program of a $20 pre-made produce box for pick up on Wednesdays and Fridays. We are only operating this program for folks who pre-order due to our staff capacity.

Twice a week, Jon Henry General Store will have a ready-made box of produce available for customers. The box is ONLY available via pre-orders. You must complete this form to ensure you are receiving a box. The boxes will typically contain tomatoes, green and yellow squash, berries or fruit, cucumbers, greens like lettuce or cabbage, onions, a root vegetable like potatoes, beets or carrots, citrus, and a local value added product like jam, bread, popcorn, etc.

You must complete sign-up form by 9am Monday for Wednesday pick-ups.
You must complete sign-up form by 9am Thursday for Friday pick-ups.
If space allows, we may extend sign-up times. If form is LIVE, then you can still sign-up for pickup.

Pickup of the boxes begin at 9:30 am and must be collected by the close of our business hours.

This product is modeled on the Farm CSA programs but is not subscription based. We take pre-orders for each delivery day. We may have to substitute products based upon availability caused by weather, quality, or supply.

Please sign up HERE

If you have questions, then please call the store.