Local Support & Friends

*Red indicate counties that supply our store
When you spend money locally, those dollars don't just evaporate to a corporate headquarters in Arkansas or somewhere else around the world. Instead, they tend to stay in the community, where they're reinvested between three and six more times! I made the above source map while working on our end of the year report. It was quite interesting to see just how many counties in Virginia supply our shop throughout the year! We greatly appreciate your support!

Key Local Providers:
Jumpin Run Farm - Mt Jackson, Va
Woodbine Orchard - Strasburg, VA
Showalters Orchard - Timberville, VA
Mowery Orchard - Woodstock, VA
Adam's Apples - Woodstock, VA
Thorton River Orchard - Sperryville, VA
FT Valley Farm - Etlan, VA
Kellum Seafood - Weems, VA
Saunders Orchard - Albermare VA
Evergrowing Nursey - Montezuma, VA
Riverbend Nursery - Roanoke, VA
Clover Hill Produce - Rockingham, VA
Knicely Honey - Dale Enterprise, VA
Golden Angels Apiary - Singers Glen, VA
Hott Honey - New Market, VA
Meadows Pride Farm - Monteray, VA
Valley Farming - Ottobine, VA
Mountain Side Honey - New Market, VA
D&M Meats - Mt Jackson, VA
Gores Meats - Mt Jackson, VA
Gentle Harvest - Middleburg, VA
Woods Edge Farms - Harrisonburg, VA
Foot Hill Farms - Lilly, VA
Edgwood Eggs - Rockingham, VA
Back Home On The Farm - Harrisonburg, VA
Stuarts Draft Farm market - Augusta Co
Overlook Produce - Bridgewater, VA
Mt Crawford Creamery - Mt Crawford, VA
Homestead Creamery - Burnt Chimney, VA
Shenandoah Valley Family Farms - Dayton, VA
Gore's Meats - Edinburg, VA
Williams Orchard - Flint Hill, VA
Crabill Slaughterhouse - Toms Brook, VA
Gentle Harvest - Winchester, VA
Ayshire Farms - Middleburg, VA